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i watch it for the plot

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The fact that you're a mother yet this is how you spend your timeline online is sad. I hope your daughter dies



The fact I’m a mother should have nothing to do with what I do on social media. I’m sorry to see that you live in medieval times my dear. It’s 9pm here, my daughter is happily tucked up in bed fast asleep and this is my free time. I see your free time is taken up calling me a bad mother while wishing my daughter dead. You are one fucked up individual who clearly needs help and I hope you find it.


Hey anon,

Many of you are a bunch of hypocrites and just terrible people. You really need to differentiate between real life and ficiton. You people go and cry how awful others are for not loving the spawn, you call them all kinds of names, even child haters and abusers etc. and that over a fucking fictional baby? How dare you call others bad mothers and wish their children harm or even death? What the fuck is wrong with you people? You should take a minute and think how YOU would feel if someone said that to you or someone you care for. Just a little tip: you should be careful what you say because karma can be quite the bitch.

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I don’t wanna lose your love tonight ♫                                                (x)

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Endless gifs of Dean being pretty  29-32/?

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( x )

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jensen ackles surprises the fans @ torcon ‘14

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